1. Terms and definitions used

The terms used in these Terms of Use shall have the following meanings:

The site – “ecostore.az” is an online store

User – an adult, able-bodied person who accesses the Site and continues to use it under the conditions specified in these Rules.

User agreement – this agreement, the Rules for placing advertisements and other rules and documents that regulate the operation of the ecostore.az site or determine the rules for using the Services listed on the Website.

Services – affordable functional opportunities, maintenance, services, tools for users of the ecostore.az site.

Goods/Products – digital, computer, household and other technical equipment, household goods, other goods, software, accessories and other equipment related to the item, information about which is placed on the site.

Advertisement – information about the goods (including contact information, photos and any other relevant information) posted on the ecostore.az website, addressed to an unspecified group of people.

Offer – the User adds the product selected from the list of goods / works / services posted on the Site to the “basket”, enters the necessary information to place an order and clicks the “order” button (further – ordering).

Call Center – specialists who communicate with Users through the “hotline”.

Buyer – A User who views advertisements posted by the Seller, interacts with the Seller regarding goods and/or enters into a contract with the Seller.

Site login information – a unique login created independently by the User when registering on the site or later changed by the User through the Personal cabinet or by another method determined by “Ecostore” and used to access the User’s Personal cabinet after registration on the Ecostore.az website (e-mail address) and password.

Personal Cabinet – a personal section where the User can manage personal services provided by “EcoStore” on the site in connection with the User account on the site ecostore.az, as well as his order(s), connection / exit from the site.

Registration – is a series of actions performed by the user in accordance with the instructions of the ecostore.az site, including the provision of login data and other information to the site in order to create a Private Cabinet using a special form of the ecostore.az user interface and gain access to the personal services of the ecostore.az site.

User data – any material and data provided by the user to “EcoStore” LLC in connection with the use of the ecostore.az website.

Payment in installments through One Card – Payment of the cost of goods in installments through the bank product (One card) of the Seller’s financial partner. In this case, the Seller offers the Customer an interest-free, installment payment option financed by a financial partner.

Legislation – the effective legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is applied to the regulation of legal relations related to the performance of the obligations provided for in these terms of use and / or arising from the fulfillment of these obligations.


2. General provisions

2.1. Regardless of the fact that the User is registered and authorized on the Site, using the Site, including viewing the information posted on the Site, means that the User agrees to these Terms of Use and undertakes to comply with the rules for using the Services, as well as to be responsible for his actions related to the use of the Site.

2.2. According to these Terms of Use, it is accepted that actions performed by a person (User) on the site, including actions related to the offer, purchase and sale of goods, and the provision of works and services, are made for purposes not related to the entrepreneurial activity of that person (User) and in the future “EcoStore” does not have the right to request any documents that are not intended for individuals. If any legal entity or a natural person who is a sole proprietor applies, a separate purchase and sale agreement (in a simplified form, there may be another method) is concluded with it, which allows for the formalization of all preliminary documents and the execution of payment orders. The procedure for concluding such contracts is regulated by the civil legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2.3. By entering the Ecostore.az site and thereby concluding the User Agreement, the Person (User) warrants that he/she has all the rights and authorities necessary for the conclusion and execution of the User Agreement, including that he/she is an adult and fully capable of functioning, or is a person who has been declared fully functional in the order of emancipation by the decision of the relevant authority, or to conclude a User Agreement is a minor who has reached fourteen years of age and has received written consent from his parents or other legal representatives. “EcoStore” has the right to request the User to submit information and documents confirming the above-mentioned rights and powers at any time.

2.4. The services provided on the Ecostore.az site may be changed, added, updated, and the form and nature of their functionality can be changed at any time without prior notice to the User, in this regard, the use of the services is provided by “EcoStore” in the “as is” mode, that is, when its Users apply for the services. offered in the form and volume. If necessary, EcoStore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate (temporarily or permanently) the provision of the Services (or any individual features within the Services) to all users or to any User individually without prior notice

2.5. The company informs that the description of the goods placed on the Site, as well as the prices indicated on the Site, may change. The final price is the price specified in the Company’s acceptance sent in response to the User’s offer (order confirmation). Any information posted on the site about the product is based on the technical and other information provided by the manufacturer of the product. In case of inconsistencies between the information about the product on the Site and in the manufacturer’s documentation, the User should be guided by the information stated in the manufacturer’s documentation of the goods. The Company has the right to change the information posted on the Site at any time without prior notice to the Users.

2.6. The user is responsible for the correctness of the information entered when making an offer (ordering). At the same time, the User automatically gives consent to the Company to process the personal data that became known or may become known as a result of the acceptance (acceptance) of the User’s offer. Data processing includes, but is not limited to, the collection, registration, collection, storage, adaptation, modification, update, use and distribution (including transfer), aggregation, deletion of personal data and other operations of personal data to maintain a database of personal data. Also, using the means of communication provided or known to the Company, to learn the User’s opinions about the quality of goods/works/services, to invite the User to participate in advertising and marketing events, as a result of the User’s application(s), known to the Company as a result of searches on the site or, on the basis of the provided information, acquires the right to inform the User about campaigns, offers, advertising materials, the Company’s activities (by means of SMS, etc.). The User agrees that no additional consent is obtained from the Company for the transfer of his personal data, no other forms are provided to obtain the User’s consent. The user has the right to be removed from marketing messages and other similar messages, mobile operators offer the following short numbers to deactivate SMS: Bakcell – 5595 Stop, Azercell – 5010 Stop, Nar – 9806 Dayan. By writing the corresponding word to one of these numbers, you are removed from marketing messages and other similar mailings by unsubscribing.

The User has the right to refuse to consent to the processing of personal data, however, taking into account that the Company will retain such data within the requirements of tax and other applicable legislation.


3. Registration on the site

3.1. After registering on the ecostore.az website, the user has the right to use individual services.

3.2. When registering, the user’s independently chosen site login information is displayed. After entering the information for registration, the User receives an e-mail to the e-mail address specified during Registration, which contains an active hyperlink to confirm the Registration on the Site. Registration of an account is done with an e-mail address of the User. It is not allowed to re-create a new account using the e-mail address previously provided during registration on the site. The User can change the registration data in the Personal Account on the Site or in another way determined by ABC Telecom LLC, if necessary. The Company does not verify the information (data) provided by the User when authorizing on the Site by special verification. All information provided by the User when authorizing on the site is accepted by the Company without further verification and is the basis for processing the documents required during the acceptance of the offer.

3.3. The user must monitor the security of the registration data and not disclose it to third parties. To transfer the user’s registration data to third parties, as well as to directly or indirectly allow third parties to use the registration data for authorization on the ecostore.az website, except for those who have received this data based on the user’s consent, act on his behalf and in his interests has no right.

3.4. Any action performed using the registration data from the User’s Personal Account, as well as using the User’s phone number specified in the personal cabinet, is considered an action committed by the User himself or a person authorized by him and determines the obligations and responsibilities for the User. This includes responsibility for violation of the User Agreement posted by the User on the ecostore.az website, legal requirements related to goods.

3.5. The user is obliged to change his personal registration data immediately if he suspects that these data have been disclosed and may be used by third parties without permission.

3.6. “EcoStore” has the right to use available technical solutions to check the correctness of the information provided by the User when using the ecostore.az website. “EcoStore” cannot guarantee the real identity of the User, nor can it guarantee the truth of the information provided by the User on the ecostore.az website. “EcoStore” advises users to communicate with potential counterparties, sellers and buyers using all the tools available on the ecostore.az website, to be careful and cautious when making transactions and choosing a seller.

3.7. “EcoStore” has the right to block or delete the User’s account on the Site without the possibility of recovery.


4. Cookies

4.1. The Company uses cookies to ensure that the information is as complete as possible so that Users can have the best experience on the Site. If the User continues to use the Site, it means his consent to the use of cookies and the receipt of all cookies by the Company and the possibility to send the User the latest information about the most suitable offers and campaigns. The user can unsubscribe or prohibit the use of cookies at any time with the individual settings of the device he uses the Site.

4.2. Viewing goods / works / services from the site, as well as placing an order, is free for the User. Internet access conditions are regulated by a separate agreement between the User and the Internet provider, which is not related to the Company.

4.3. The Site and the services provided by the Site may be temporarily partially or completely unavailable due to preventive, routine and other technical work. The company’s technical service has the right to carry out necessary preventive, daily and other maintenance work without notice to the User.

4.4. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change these Rules, subject to prior publication on the Site.

  1. Rules for evaluating goods presented on the site and writing reviews

5.1. You can make reviews about the products placed on the service, as well as comments on the published reviews of users, while using the service, you can rate the products only after filling in the fields on the specified site.

5.2. Product reviews, comments and ratings left by users can be reviewed by other users.

5.3. The user cannot change the last name and first name that he mentioned during registration in the review (product review) he publishes.

5.4. The reviews and images and comments attached to it are published and used “as is” under the login used by the user at the time of permission, preserving the author’s grammar and punctuation. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the reviews he adds.

5.5. EcoStore has the right, independently and without notice, to select reviews for publication to Users, including:

  • not to publish reviews and graphics, comments, the content of which is not related to the topic of the store, to make purchases from it;
  • not publish reviews and graphics, comments whose content is not related to the use of this product;
  • not to publish reviews and graphs, comments that are not useful information for other users;
  • not to publish offensive statements, reviews, comments reflecting offensive statements;
  • shall not publish collections and/or reviews of goods, graphics, comments that contain: (a) links to other websites in the text of the collection and/or review, as well as the names of sellers and/or importers of goods; (b) statements defaming the honor, dignity and / or business reputation of third parties (including stores, manufacturers and / or importers of goods); (c) materials that violate the rights of third parties, including the results of intellectual activity (text, video, graphic images, code).
  • not to publish reviews, comments with links to other websites;
  • remove a published review, graphic, selection and / or review of products at any time;
  • independently determine the period when reviews are considered relevant and published on the Service;
  • “EcoStore” does not undertake to inform the user about the reasons for rejection of publication and / or cancellation of previously published reviews, graphics, comments, ratings, options and / or product reviews.

5.6. The user agrees to receive the newsletter about receiving responses from the representatives of “EcoStore” LLC of the Service.

5.7. By using the service, the User agrees to receive advertising messages in accordance with Article 23.1 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Advertising”. The user has the right to refuse to receive advertising messages.


6. Purpose of the service and general conditions for placing orders for formalizing the delivery of goods

6.1. When placing an order, the User accepts that “EcoStore” LLC may entrust the services of organizing the delivery of the goods to a third party, provided that the Company will be responsible for the delivery of the goods to the User.

6.2. Before ordering the Service, the User undertakes to familiarize himself with all the conditions for the provision of Services, as well as the conditions for the purchase of Goods placed in the description of the goods on the ecostore.az website. At the same time, mistakes made in the description of the Service of “EcoStore” LLC and in the description of the Goods do not have legal force and do not cause legal consequences. Placing an Order for the Service means that the User agrees to all the basic conditions for the provision of services of “ABC – Telecom” for the sale and delivery of Goods.

6.3. When the User uses the ecostore.az website (i.e. the list of personal data), the personal data provided by the User to “EcoStore”, including when placing an Order, when paying for Goods, confirming his consent during registration, Service requests for the return of Goods and money paid for Goods and Services to the following can be transferred:

  • To the third party engaged by “EcoStore” to arrange the delivery of goods, provide services, sign an agreement with the User;
  • A financial partner participating in transactions carried out by the User using payment cards when paying for Goods on the Service to confirm the implementation of such transactions and the provision of personalized services at the request of the financial partner.

6.4. The User acknowledges that “EcoStore” LLC has the right to store the User’s personal data, as well as the personal data of the recipient of the Order specified by the User during the period of use of the Service by the User. Also, these rules remain valid for at least three years from the date of last use of the Service by the User.

6.5. The user warrants that he has the right to consent to the third parties (the person who received the order) specified in this clause, and for the damages suffered by “EcoStore”, lost profits, court costs or claims of third parties due to the violation of this warranty, “EcoStore” – is responsible for the expenses incurred.

6.6. “EcoStore” may use the User’s personal data to improve the quality of services provided to the User.

6.7. By placing an order on the Service, the User agrees to accept the following:

  1. E-mail / push notifications that “EcoStore” LLC can send to the User, as well as to the recipient of the Order indicated by the User: After the order is formalized; if changed; before the date of delivery of the goods, when the Order is canceled by the Store or vice versa, affecting the execution of the Order or timely information about its status;
  2. Messages (SMS) to the phone number registered by the user;
  3. A call to the phone number specified by the user regarding the offer to evaluate the quality of the Service and the Seller’s work.

6.8. When placing an Order, the User confirms the following:

  1. has fully familiarized himself with the provisions of the current Terms;
  2. fully understands these Terms, as well as the essence and conditions of the agreement concluded with “EcoStore” on the provision of services for the organization of delivery of Goods;
  3. Fully understands the meaning and consequences of actions related to the contract concluded with “EcoStore” for the provision of services for the organization of delivery of goods.

6.9. “EcoStore” has the right to repeatedly cancel Orders by the User, as well as block the User’s ability to Place Orders in case of violation of these Terms.

6.10. When placing an Order for the Service, the User is obliged to provide reliable information about himself and the Purchaser of the Order. Providing inaccurate, incorrect, non-existent phone number, e-mail address, full name of the User or the recipient of the Order by the User, as well as other inaccurate information shall be considered as refusal of the User to receive the order by the Seller. These provisions are grounds for cancellation of the Order in accordance with section 7 of the current terms and conditions.

6.11. The information on the availability of Goods on the Service may change at the time of Ordering due to the technical characteristics of the Service.

6. Order clearance. Conclusion of the contract for the provision of services for the organization of the delivery of Goods purchased from “EcoStore”.

7.1. The main unchangeable condition for submitting an order to the Service is that the User signs an Agreement with “EcoStore” for the provision of services for the sale and delivery of Goods posted on the ecostore.az website.

7.2. The User places the Order by specifying all the information necessary for the execution of the contract, including but not limited to: personal data of the User and / or the Order Recipient, delivery method, delivery address, full name of the Order Recipient, contact information, payment method.

7.3. The Agreement on the provision of services for the organization of the delivery of Goods with the User is executed when:

  1. If the User chooses the payment type after receiving the Goods (cash or card upon delivery) as a payment method – if the User clicks the “Order Order” button (another similar button) (provided that the Order is confirmed to be sent to the User);
  2. If the User chooses (payment by card) as the method of payment for the Order before receiving the Goods – at the moment when the User clicks on the button “Finalize the Order” (subject to the confirmation of sending the Order to the User). After clicking the button “Finalize the order”, the User is given 10 minutes to make the payment. If payment is not made within the specified period for any reason, the contract with “EcoStore” is not considered concluded.

7.4. The User’s performance of the actions specified in Clause 7.3 of the Terms, the User’s full and unconditional agreement with the Terms, as well as the terms of the contracts concluded with “EcoStore”, including the acceptance of the public offer in accordance with Clause 409 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, services for the organization of the delivery of Goods shall be deemed to have accepted the Agreement.

7.5. When the User performs the actions specified in clause 7.4 of the Terms (unless otherwise specified in the Terms), mutual obligations arise:

  1. Between “EcoStore” and the User (according to the agreement on the provision of services for the sale and delivery of goods);
  2. Between the Seller and the User (in terms of civil law relations related to the purchase and sale of goods, including the transfer and payment of goods carried out at the representative office of “EcoStore”).

7.6. When the User performs the actions specified in clause 7.3 of the Rules, the User confirms that:

  • Information about goods and services is fully brought to the attention of the User;
  • Before concluding the Agreement with “EcoStore” for the organization of goods delivery services, as well as before receiving the Goods from the Seller, the User has read all the information about the Goods and Services, which must be delivered to the consumer in accordance with the legislation on the protection of consumer rights;
  • The information provided by the user about himself and the recipient of the Order is valid;

7.7. “EcoStore” has the right to cancel Orders containing Goods that the User has previously refused 5 or more times, citing reasons unrelated to the presence of defects in the Goods.


8. Order payment

8.1. The user ordering the service is given the opportunity to choose a payment option using one of the methods provided by the site:

8.1.1. Cash payment when services and goods are purchased.

8.1.2 Payment by bank card after purchase of services and goods (including payment in installments using BirKart and Tamkart). It is not possible to pay in installments from the terminal.

8.1.3. Cashless payment for Services and Goods directly on the Service when placing an order (for example, by bank card or in another way offered on the Service, including payment in installments using BirKart).

8.2. The choice of the appropriate payment form is made by the User in the interface of the Service. “EcoStore” does not guarantee the availability of cashless payment and / or installment payment using BirKart at any time and / or for any goods.

8.3. Payment for services is considered to be made after receiving confirmation from the bank where the current accounts of “EcoStore” LLC are opened, from the moment the payment amount enters the current account or from the moment cash is received by the courier of “EcoStore” LLC.

8.4. EcoStore provides the User with receipts or tax receipts for the goods transferred to the User and other accompanying documents, including the documents required by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” for the goods. “EcoStore” can provide a receipt or tax receipt for goods and delivery of accompanying documents.


9. Cancellation of the order by the seller

9.1. The Seller may cancel the Order in the following cases:

  1. If the User has not paid for the Order (if the User chooses the payment method specified in clauses 8.1.1, 8.1.2 of the Terms for the Order)
  2. If the user is not satisfied with the delivery time (duration) and it is not possible to reach an agreement as a result of negotiations to determine a new delivery time;
  3. If there are no goods in the warehouse or if the goods to be delivered to the user are damaged;
  4. In other cases where “EcoStore” cannot fulfill the Order;
  5. In the event that the User refuses the Goods in the cases stipulated by the Law;
  6. If the User avoids receiving the Order(s).
  7. In the event of a technical error in the price of the Goods provided in the service or illegal actions of third parties.

9.2. If the execution of the order is impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the User or “EcoStore” LLC (changes in customs rules and procedures and other circumstances that prevent the transfer of goods in an agreed manner, loss of the order during delivery, lack of goods at the supplier of this product, non-arrival of the goods in the warehouse, if the goods are not in stock due to the defects found during processing, re-grading or non-operation of the goods) if it is not possible, “EcoStore” cancels the order and informs the User about it, and the User, in turn, if the goods go on sale at the time of the order, place a new order and request a new delivery of the goods has the right to agree to the terms. If the price of the goods has increased when the new order is placed, and the cancellation of the previous order is not due to a defect, the price difference is not compensated on the day the new order is placed.


10. Cancellation of the Order by the User

10.1. The User has the right to cancel the order by changing the purchase decision at any time before receiving (delivery) the ordered Goods.

10.2. If the order has not yet been submitted to the relevant department for delivery, the user may be given the option to cancel it by calling the support service (whatsapp and contact number +994504563562). The User may refuse to purchase a part of the Goods included in the Order until they are ready for delivery. The User has the right to reject the Order in whole or in part.

10.3. After the delivery of the order, the User may initiate the cancellation of the order in accordance with clause 10.4 of the Terms.

10.4. Cancellation of the order by the user (rejection of the goods):

10.4.1. After receiving the goods(s) sent to the user (in the case of delivery by courier), the user is only given the opportunity to reject all goods in the delivery.

10.4.2. If the User rejects the Goods after receiving them, and the rejection is not related to the insufficient quality of the Goods, “EcoStore” has the right to deduct from the User the cost of the Services provided for arranging the delivery of the goods/goods (if the User provides the services specified in the Order (a) delivery by “Express delivery” (b) if the amount of the order is less than 50 AZN, (c) the addresses of Sabirabad, Saatli, Imishli, Shamakhi, Gobustan, Hajigabul, Shirvan are indicated and the courier delivery method is selected.)

Deduction of that value is carried out in the form specified in Clause 8.1.3 of the terms and conditions. If the user chooses the payment method specified in clauses 8.1.1, 8.1.2 of the Rules, then the User may be required to make the payment to the current account of “EcoStore” LLC.

10.4.3. If the user refuses after receiving goods of insufficient quality, the cost of services for arranging the delivery of cargo with these goods is not paid by the user.

  1. Return of goods by the user

11.1. The return of goods to the seller by the user is carried out in the cases and in the manner determined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

11.2. The user who wants to return the product should contact the +994504563562 hotline with the specified request and inform about the intention to return the product.

11.3. In accordance with the instructions from the operator, the Buyer must apply to the “EcoStore” online store and inform the operator about his intention.

11.4. The refund of the amount paid by the user for the goods is carried out after the evaluation of the goods.

11.5. If visible or invisible deformations are found in the product, the amount will be partially refunded.

11.6. If the Consumer does not have the technical capabilities to return oversized Goods, this process may be performed by EcoStore and the Consumer may be charged an additional fee for this.


12. Delivery and delivery of goods to the User

12.1. Delivery to a specified address obligates the User to be at the specified delivery address at the agreed time for delivery.

12.2. Delivery to the specified address is carried out to buildings and places specified by the user, provided that there are no objects occupying corridors and passages, and the distance between the goods in the package and passages (door, corridor) is at least 5 centimeters.

12.3. In the event that the conditions at the premises specified by the User prevent or damage the delivery of the Goods, the Goods are delivered to the nearest location in accordance with the conditions listed in clause 12.2. The Courier does not clear the area of obstructing objects and does not move objects in buildings.

12.4. The duties of the person carrying out the delivery do not include consultation on the operation and characteristics, installation and configuration of the Goods.

12.5. When picking up the Order, the User must check the appearance and packaging of the Order, the number, completeness and assortment of the Products in the Order in the presence of the person submitting the Order. With the exception of large household goods (BMM), according to the category of “Electronic devices” and “Household appliances” goods, the Customer has the right to independently check the technical indicators of the goods in the presence of the person who delivered or placed the Order. After the BMM has been delivered, the buyer of the Order can check whether the packaging is damaged or not, open it and check the appearance of the goods. The user understands and accepts the possibility of loss of warranty service if an independent attempt is made to install the UN before the arrival of service center employees.

12.6. If the method of delivery of the orders is selected and the option to check the technical specifications of the Orders for the delivery point is not specified in the Service, then “EcoStore” has the right to refuse to check the technical specifications of the Goods at the point of the User.

12.7. Checking the conformity of the products is carried out only in the presence of the person who delivered or issued the Order.

12.8. After the order is delivered, it is handed over to the User or to the person indicated as the recipient of the Order. If it is not possible to receive the Order given in cash by the above-mentioned persons, it can be handed over to the person who is ready to provide information about the Order (shipment number and / or full name of the Buyer), as well as to the person who pays the full price of the Order.

12.9. Claims to “EcoStore” regarding the organization of the delivery, appearance and packaging of the Goods are not accepted after the warranty card has been filled out and the person has left or removed the Order from the territory of the place where the Order was placed.

12.10. The order is considered delivered to the User when the Goods are transferred and the accompanying documents confirming the delivery are signed. Documents accompanying the delivery may be provided to the User in electronic form. In this case, the User agrees that the fact of signing such a document should be signed on the screen of the mobile device of the delivery person or the person giving the goods at the point of placing the order.

12.11. The employee who performs the delivery or the employee who performs the sale of the goods at the point of placing the order has the right to request information about the identity document and order number from the user when the goods are presented.

12.12. Delivery (export of goods) is not carried out outside the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


13. Services for organizing the delivery of goods

13.1. The cost of the Services for each Order is determined in accordance with the prices specified when ordering the Service. When ordering, the delivery time is indicated on the Service. “EcoStore” has the right to unilaterally change the prices shown on this page. In case of a change in the delivery address by the customer, the payment amount for delivery services does not change (does not decrease). If the delivery area changes, the difference in payment for delivery services, taking into account the distance, does not change (is not refunded).

  1. The User is obliged to pay for the Services in the manner specified in these Terms (clauses 8.1.1, 8.1.2 or 8.1.3 of the Terms).

13.3. EcoStore will refund the prepaid amount to the User if the goods(s) being delivered are totally lost / destroyed from the time they are shipped by the Seller to the time they are handed over to the Buyer.

13.4. “EcoStore” LLC is not responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations to provide Services in any of the following cases:

  • if it is the result of the User’s failure to comply with these Terms;
  • In the absence of the User (when the recipient specified by him is not present at the delivery address of the Order on the day the Order is sent or at another time agreed with the User (recipient);
  • If it is not possible to contact the User (buyer) using the contact information provided when placing the Order to discuss the details of the order and delivery time;
  • if it was the result of force majeure situations: natural disasters, interruption of communication routes, snow slides, wars, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters and any other circumstances that the affected party cannot really influence and cannot reasonably do;
  • If the Consignment accepted in closed form is given to the User (recipient) in accordance with the rules of shipment and if there is no external interference, damage to any packaging, seals / seals that may allow outside access to the Goods;
  • If the User has not taken other actions necessary for the delivery of the goods at the place of delivery in accordance with the delivery rules and conditions specified in the Service for certain delivery methods of the Goods.

14. Other conditions

14.1. The User confirms that he is legally authorized and has reached the required age in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to perform the operations provided for in these Terms.

14.2. If “EcoStore” finds that the user violates the terms of use of the Service published in the link: , “EcoStore” reserves the right to cancel the orders placed by the User on the Service. At the same time, “EcoStore” independently determines the methods and grounds for recognizing that the User’s actions are unfair and / or violate these Rules, and has the right not to disclose this information to third parties.

14.3. EcoStore is not responsible for:

14.3.1. Temporary failures and interruptions in the work of the site and the loss of data caused by this, as well as the security, accuracy and timeliness of data transfer and delivery, except for cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan related to personal data

14.3.2. For the reliability, quality, speed of the Site and the security of the data created, used and received by the User, except for cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan related to personal data.

You can contact us using the following means of communication:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +994 50 456 35 62